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With swimsuit and shorts season just around the corner, you’re likely breaking out the summer wardrobe and trying on your clothes. Uh-oh - that can be disastrous for your self-esteem, especially if you’ve gained weight over the cooler months!

So, what can you do about unwanted fat that’s made its way around your midsection, thighs, or other troublesome areas? truSculpt 3D to the rescue!

Why Choose truSculpt 3D?

Non-invasive, non-surgical truSculpt 3D can eliminate stubborn fat that just doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. It can be used on the stomach, flanks, chins, upper arms, thighs, and other parts of your body with persistent fat.

Affordably priced, truSculpting results are similar to invasive treatments such as lipo without having to undergo harsh surgery. You can expect up to 24% fat loss in the treated area, and you can treat multiple areas at once!

This revolutionary FDA-cleared cosmetic treatment utilizes monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat and destroy adipose (fat) tissue, which is then metabolized through your body. This process is called lipolysis, and it’s proven to work! 

In as little as one 60-minute session, truSculpt truly sculpts your body, leaving you with a perfectly shaped masterpiece. It may also help tighten loose skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite as well.

Still need a reason to choose truSculpt 3D? It’s painless! Unlike other aesthetic treatments, truSculpt is not only not uncomfortable, but many patients find it to be relaxing and enjoyable. 

Can truSculpt 3D Be Used on All Skin Types / Skin Tones?

Yes, this revolutionary treatment is great for nearly anyone, no matter your skin’s texture, tone, or type.

What Does truSculpt 3D Feel Like?

During your session, a heated handpiece massages the treated area. You will experience the sensation of warmth. Most people find that truSculpt is comfortable, and many liken it to the feeling of a hot stone massage.

When Will I See truSculpt 3D Results?

Be patient, as it does take time to see the full benefit of your truSculpt 3D treatment. It may take up to 12 weeks to see full results.

After your session, your body will start flushing out the treated fat cells through your lymphatic system. This is a process that occurs over time, and your individual rate of breaking down and eliminating fat cells is different.

How Long Do Results Last?

Once fat cells are destroyed during treatment, they can never return. So, truSculpt results are permanent. However, you should maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to prevent other fat from taking the place of the treated cells.

When you gain or lose weight, you’re not actually gaining or losing fat cells. You have the same number, unless those fat cells are destroyed through treatments like truSculpt 3D.

After truSculpt, the fat cells around the treated area can expand and take the place of the treated cells without a proper diet and exercise regimen.

How Many Times Can You Do truSculpt 3D, and How Many Treatments Are Needed for Sensational Results?

You can do as many treatments with truSculpt 3D as you desire, as there is no limit. However, you should wait eight weeks between sessions in the same area.

Results occur over time, so waiting will help you determine whether you even need more sessions.

truSculpt 3D offers remarkable results in just one session, though you may wish to improve your outcome with additional treatments.

How Long Is the Recovery After truSculpt 3D?

One of the many benefits of truSculpt 3D is that there is no downtime or recovery period required after your treatment. You can immediately jump right back into your normal routine. Book it for your lunch break, and go right back to work afterward!

Your truSculpt specialist will provide you with after-care instructions. After truSculpt, you should avoid sun exposure for 24 hours and apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher for three to five days if you’re planning to go out in the sun.

Also, be sure to avoid using lotions or creams for 24 hours, as they can irritate your skin in the treated area(s).

What Are the Side Effects of truSculpt 3D?

Like with any cosmetic treatment, there are possible aftereffects, which includes redness, mild tenderness in the treated area(s), edema, and sweating.

However, most people don’t experience anything other than some moderate redness in the treatment location. The side effects of truSculpt 3D are mild and go away on their own, typically within several hours.

Am I a Good Candidate for truSculpt 3D?

If you’re tired of trying diet after failed diet or are just not seeing the results in the gym that you’d like, you are likely an ideal candidate.

Good candidates for truSculpt 3D include both men and women who are in good health, close to their goal weight, have realistic expectations about treatment outcomes, and have a BMI of less than 30.

Who Should Not Have truSculpt 3D?

You are not a good candidate for truSculpt if you are pregnant, have a tumor (cancerous or not) in the treatment area, have metal implants, or have a pacemaker or defibrillator. 

Stop struggling with stubborn fat. Sculpt your ideal image with truSculpt 3D from the body contouring experts at Olney Skin Suite!

Contact us today at 301-298-1818 to find out if you’re an ideal candidate for truSculpt in Olney. Isn’t it time to love the skin you’re in?!