HydraFacial Germantown

While some people may be self-professed beauty junkies, others prefer a more streamlined approach to skincare. Whichever category you fall into, achieving clear and radiant skin shouldn’t be a time-consuming or painful process.

That’s why so many patients, providers, and even celebrities have turned to HydraFacial to get an amazing glow in an hour.

Keep reading to learn all about this multi-tasking hydradermabrasion and what patients can expect should they decide to undergo treatment.

What Happens During a Hydrafacial Treatment?

A typical HydraFacial treatment takes between 30-60 minutes and includes three steps plus select add-ons.

To start, HydraFacial’s unique wand and tip cleanse away impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal a fresh layer of skin.

Next, the system tackles congested pores through gentle, yet effective, extractions. If you have any doubt whether or not HydraFacial is working, just ask to take a look at the container that collects all of the dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads that have been removed from your pores.

HydraFacial’s deep-cleansing is then solidified with an infusion of antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to provide ultimate hydration for days.

Who Can Benefit From Hydrafacial?

HydraFacial is gentle enough for all skin types, and it even works well for those with sensitivities.

It also addresses a variety of skin concerns including rosacea, sun spots, age spots, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and congested pores.

Best of all, HydraFacial can be customized with add-ons and boosters to meet each patient’s specific needs.

Some of these extras include a red LED light for anti-aging, a blue LED light for acne-causing bacteria, a growth factor booster that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and spot correctors for hyperpigmentation.

How Soon Can You Achieve Glowing Skin?

HydraFacial’s claim to fame is its ability to provide glowing skin immediately after treatment. What’s more, patients won’t experience any redness or irritation and can resume all normal activities right away.

Plus, the results continue to improve over the next few days for a healthy, vibrant, and even complexion.

While benefits can be seen after the first session, a series of six HydraFacial treatments spaced a month apart is recommended for optimum outcomes.

To learn more about HydraFacial in Germantown and how you can get an amazing glow in an hour, please call our office today to schedule a consultation.