Botox for Crow's feet

Botox for Crow’s Feet

Botox for Crow's Feet

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Botox for Crow’s Feet in Olney

Crow’s feet are those little lines you see at the corners of your eyes when you smile. Because the skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, it’s usually one of the first areas you see signs of aging. It makes sense to want a cosmetic injectable that safely works to erase those fine lines and wrinkles. Botox for crow’s feet is the treatment you need!

Why Choose Botox for Crow’s Feet?

While crow’s feet are often a sign you’ve lived a life full of happiness and laughter, that doesn’t mean you want them to make you look as old or older as you really are. Men and women turn to Botox for crow’s feet because it has a successful track record that spans decades.

When injected by an experienced provider, Botox blocks nerve signals to stop targeted facial muscles from contracting. When these muscles relax, so does your skin above them. The outcome is smoother skin and a younger-looking appearance. 

A virtually painless treatment, Botox is quick. It’s so fast that many patients choose to schedule their appointments during their lunch hour. Because no downtime is needed for recovery, you’ll easily be able to resume your day immediately after your treatment.

Botox is also hassle-free, and it’s one of the least expensive anti-aging injections available. 

How Do I Prepare for Botox?

There aren’t many aesthetic treatments you can have spontaneously. You want to do all you can to avoid disastrous results and have a satisfying experience. This means preparing for Botox for crow’s feet.

It is essential you follow all instructions given to you by your provider. You’ll be advised to take care of your skin in the weeks leading up to your appointment. Products that contain harsh chemicals and exfoliants should be avoided.

You might be asked to stop taking certain medications. If any are prescription medicines, you should get clearance from the prescribing physician before stopping.

If you’re not in the habit of drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day, now is the perfect time to start. Not only will this insure your skin is hydrated, but water helps flush out toxins from your body. This process helps make your crow’s feet Botox results even better. 

If you enjoy a good workout, get that in before your Botox appointment, as you’ll need to avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours after your injections. 

Alcohol should also be off-limits for 24 hours before and after getting Botox. Drinking alcohol affects your blood vessels and thins your blood. This can significantly impact the side effects you may experience after treatment.

What Should I Expect During My Botox Appointment?

Your comfort and safety should be the first priority of your provider. Botox is injected with tiny needles, and because it’s so quick, you barely have time to feel anything. However, the eye area is sensitive, so you should ask for a topical numbing cream before your injections. 

Once the area is numb, injections will begin. They are administered according to the treatment plan you agreed upon with your provider. You should be done within a few minutes, though you may be asked to wait so your provider can check you about 20 minutes after treatment to make sure you don’t have a reaction.

Does Botox for Crow’s Feet Have Side Effects?

After cosmetic Botox injections, you may experience bruising, swelling, soreness, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, and tiny red bumps at the injection sites. These are all normal and should be gone within a week.

Serious adverse reactions happen, but they are rare. If you notice side effects lasting more than a week or have vision problems, difficulty breathing, slurred speech, and/or trouble walking, you should seek immediate medical attention.

It should be noted that studies have shown some serious adverse reactions have been caused by underlying medical conditions and not Botox itself.

When Will I See Botox for Crow’s Feet Results?

Results happen quickly but not overnight. It can take three to four days for you to see a change in your appearance. You can expect to see your final outcome within 10 to 14 days. 

How Long Does Botox Last on Crow’s Feet?

The rate at which your body metabolizes Botox influences the longevity of your results. If this is your first treatment, your results might not last as long as someone who is accustomed to Botox. Generally speaking, most patients enjoy their results for three to four months, though it can last as little as two months after your first session and as long as six for seasoned Botox users. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Botox for Crow’s Feet?

During your Botox consultation, you’ll have a medical evaluation to determine whether this treatment is safe for you. Be prepared to share a list of medications and or supplements you are taking. 

As long as you are 18 years old or older, in good health, and have the desire to eliminate crow’s feet, you should be a great candidate for Botox. 

Take advantage of the time to ask questions or share your concerns about treatment. Your aesthetic goals will also be discussed before a treatment plan is put in place.


Where Is the Best Place to Go for Botox for Crow’s Feet in Olney?

The team at Olney Skin Suite is committed to providing you with the highest quality treatments and personalized care. To learn more about Botox for crow’s feet or to request your consultation, contact us today at 301-298-1818. It’s time to reverse the aging process with cosmetic injections from Olney Skin Suite!