Being well-prepared for a cosmetic treatment like Botox provides peace of mind and ensures safety and the best possible results.

That being said, there are several steps that patients should take ahead of their first Botox treatment, including carefully researching providers and choosing the best Botox injector in Ashton, MD.

Continue reading for four things you need to do before getting Botox in Ashton, Maryland.

4 Things You Need to Do Before Getting Botox

1. Research How Botox Works

If you are considering neurotoxin injections, it is important to understand how Botox works and the kind of results you can expect.

When injected into facial muscles, Botox blocks communication between nerves and muscles and temporarily prevents contraction. While this relaxes wrinkles and lines, it doesn’t completely remove them.

As such, go into your Botox treatment with the goal of softening, rather than eliminating, lines.

2. Choose the Best Botox Injector in Ashton

Your choice of provider is paramount, and you should carefully scrutinize qualifications, experience, and skill set in order to select the best Botox injector in Ashton.

Pay careful attention to online reviews and patient testimonials. Also, be sure to look at a portfolio of the injector’s work to confirm that he consistently produces excellent results for his patients.

3. Follow Post-Treatment Instructions

While Botox is a zero-downtime treatment, there are still a few precautions you must take afterwards. These include:

  • Keep your head upright and avoid bending forward for 2 hours
  • Do not lie down for 4 hours
  • Avoid heavy exercise until the following day

4. Be Aware That Results Are Temporary

In the hands of the best Botox injector in Ashton, Maryland patients can achieve noticeable wrinkle reduction in a matter of days and look like more refreshed and youthful versions of themselves.

That being said, these effects are temporary and typically last four-to-six months. After this period of time, patients will need to undergo additional injections to maintain treatment effects.

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