Interested in joining the many Botox lovers in the world? It’s easier than you think! Keep reading to learn seven pro tips to get the best Botox in Colesville, Maryland, from how to pick your provider to expert aftercare advice!


  • Adjust Your Habits in Advance


Botox isn’t too limiting compared to other anti-aging procedures, but there are a couple of limitations you should be aware of. It is not recommended to drink alcohol, smoke or vape, and take certain medications or supplements before your Botox appointment and after. In fact, you may even be advised to stop all of these things up to two weeks in advance.


  • Consider Your Botox Injector’s Credentials


There are some green flags you should be on the lookout for when choosing a cosmetic injector, including years of experience, verifiable licenses, specialties in cosmetic injectables, continuing education, a clean and welcoming office, and a patient-first approach with personalized Botox treatments.

Red flags include:

  • Disorganized and / or non-sterile office
  • Refusal to show you the product itself and explain it to you
  • Lack of reviews and / or before / after photos
  • No verifiable credentials or licenses

You should only ever visit a medical professional for Botox injections. No ifs, ands, or buts. Your safety matters just as much as your satisfaction.


  • Be Honest With Your Injector


Honesty is the best policy. Botox is still considered a medical treatment, so you need to clarify your medical history and your current health circumstances with your injector. The same goes for current medications and supplements.

In particular, NSAIDs like ibuprofen, blood-thinning medications, and supplements such as vitamin E, fish oil, or garlic should be avoided (though only under the supervision of your medical provider). Let your injector know if you take any of these, especially if they’re medically necessary.


  • Keep Your Head Elevated


You should keep your head up for at least four hours after Botox. Why? Because the Botox can spread to unsavory places if you lay down or bend over too soon. So, keep your chin up! Both mentally and physically.


  • Leave the Injection Site Alone


Not only should you keep your head elevated, you also need to leave the injection site alone altogether – no tugging, rubbing, or applying any pressure. Leave that beautifully youthful face alone for the time being while your Botox injections settle into place. Really, you don’t want to move your Botox.


  • Limit Your Sun Exposure


UV exposure already takes a massive toll on your skin. It can accelerate the aging process and generally poses a risk to your skin’s health.

It can also pose some significant risk to your Botox treatments. Sun exposure can diminish the effects of your Botox sooner, plus contribute to bruising. Don’t neglect your sunscreen, ideally with an SPF of 30 or higher, after you’ve received Botox.


  • Take a Break From Certain Activities After Botox


Botox doesn’t really require downtime. You can even return to work, school, and most of your standard activities immediately after your appointment with no issue. There are, however, some activities that should be shelved for a short period of time.

Exercise, particularly vigorous exercise, should be avoided. Strenuous activities can raise your heart rate and blood flow, which can increase the risk of bruising and reduce efficacy.


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