Botox has become the gold standard for achieving a younger, fresher looking face.

Celebrities and influencers everywhere market Botox as their top cosmetic treatment, however you may be confused when it comes to understanding how Botox can help you and where it can be applied.

Treatment Areas

While Botox is not the answer for all of your antiaging needs, it might surprise you how many areas of your face can benefit from Botox application. Below are some of the most common areas treated with Botox:

  • Glabellar Lines-The glabellar lines are the two vertical lines in between your furrowed eyebrows. This is perhaps the most common are that is treated with Botox.
  • Forehead– Wrinkles on the forehead are one of the earliest signs of aging and are one of the more common treatment areas requested for those interested in Botox.
  • Crow’s Feet– There is no doubt that you have noticed the lines around your eyes when you smile become more defined as you age, Botox can address those pesky lines.
  • Bunny Lines– These are located at the bridge of your nose and can often become more pronounced after Botox treatments for glabellar lines or crow’s feet.

As a result, many patients treat the bunny lines along with the glabellar and crow feet wrinkles.

  • Chin Dimples– This area can often be treated with Botox and is commonly used alongside the application of fillers.
  • Marionette Lines– These lines are also often treated in conjunction with fillers.
  • Perioral Lines– These are also known as lipstick lines and are the vertical wrinkles above the upper lip. Botox is able to help address these bothersome wrinkles.

The Olney Skin Suite

Perhaps most important when choosing Botox to help your aging concerns is to find the right doctor who is qualified to treat your needs.

The Olney Skin Suite has the top board certified professionals who have been specially trained to administer Botox.

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